Sunday, June 1, 2008

His Job Make Me Nervous

I won't lie, my husband's job makes me seriously nervous. I'm grateful for law enforcement. They keep us safe...despite all the grumbling people do when they get caught speeding. They're giving you a ticket to keep the rest of us safe. Speeding may be fun...but not when an accident happens and that's something they see all too often. My husband's troop has had far too many fatals least in my opinion. I wish he had a job that didn't scare me so much, but he loves what he does. I wish I could talk him into looking for jobs in San Francisco or really anywhere else as long as it wasn't a job that scared me. But you know what? If he did that, he wouldn't be nearly as happy. He loves his job and because I love him I support him in it. But good gosh, it sure does scare me.