Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Feeling a little stiff?

The new year is coming and along with it are the New Year's resolutions that never seldom get kept. But my theory is we set our sights too high, that's just setting ourselves up for disappointment and failure. So instead of saying I'm going to lose 40 pounds I should say I'm going to exercise more, or learn to stretch. Wait...learn to stretch? Yep, I just stumbled upon a site that talks about the proper way to stretch. Wanna check it out? Ok, just click here. :) I plan to get more flexible in the new year and yes...I'm still going to set a resolution to lose 40 pounds. LOL! A girl can dream...and succeed...I will dang it! I will!!!


Ashlee said...

I so need this! I need to lose about 30lbs...put I am NOT starting until after the holidays!