Monday, January 21, 2008

Dreaming of Travel...Again, Lol!

I dream of travel all the time. No seriously, I do! What do you expect, I live in a smaller than small town in the middle of the middle of the middle of nowhere...can I emphasize that enough? Lol! Basically, I live by very few people and am far from any signs of civilization. You get the idea. So my mind wanders and I dream of far away places. There are really very few places that I have no desire to visit someday, aside from the Middle East where there just seems to be too much conflict and hate toward Americans. Anyway, I I'm thinking about Portugal. Being in Western Europe it's high on my list of places I want to visit.

Something I hadn't realized before is that Portugal gets over 12.8 million visitors a year. Portgual hotels are definitely loving that! Heck, what hotel owner wouldn't love to have so many visitors filling up their establishment? Most of those visitors are from the UK, Spain, Germany, France and Italy, which I guess makes sense if you look at the whole proximity thing. is aware of this and thus cater to these places with fantastic last minute deals to Lisbon hotels, Algarve hotels, Madeira hotels and more. There are so many areas of Portugal are being developed for tourism that it's sure to became a major destination for visitors from around the world.

Here's hoping I'll be lucky enough to go someday, and when I do maybe I can convince my uncle Mark to come along and translate for me. He's lucky enough to know Portuguese.