Friday, January 11, 2008

Official RBS 6 Nations Rugby

Are you a rugby fan? I remember having a friend in high school who loved rugby, he was even on the tri-high school rugby team. While it's not as well known in the U.S., rugby is huge in Europe and now there's a website where you can check out Europe's premier international rugby tournament. It's the place to go to check out rugby news, history, matches and more. You can even check out a rugby podcast while you're there. They even have a section where they discuss the women's championship. I'm all for recognizing women in sports, I think it's part of that whole being a mom to daughters and wanting to empower them to do and be anything they want. They also have separate tabs for the different countries involved including England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales. Maybe you've wondered what rugby was but have never known where to look. If that describes you go check out the history section of the site. I just learned that the women's tournament was introduced in 2001 with Spain instead of Italy being involved, but that changed in 2007 when Italy replaced Spain. I found the site to be quite interesting and I learned things I never knew before.


PlanningQueen said...

We love the rugby. Australia is a pretty big rugby nation. My husband loves to follow the 6 nations and the podcast will be a great way to keep up with the results. Thanks for the link. BTW Rice Bubbles are an Australian rice breakfast cereal, so I think taht is what you call rice krispies. Thanks for checking out my blog.

tigerfish said...

My hubby loves rugby and used to play in a school team. But that was donkey years ago.

He miss rugby so much when we were in California!!!