Monday, March 10, 2008

* Sticky Post* Changing Things a Bit

I started this blog as a place to put fun quizzes, stories and otherwise that I found online, but felt they were too much on my personal blog along with the regular posts over there. Eventually I started doing paid posts with Smorty and Blogsvertise. I am not doing those anymore. I have deleted my blogs from Smorty's system. I wanted to delete my whole profile, but I can't find anywhere to do that. But regardless, I'm not doing any more posts for them. As for Blogsvertise, I sent a not to their customer service asking to quit. So no more posts there either. I want to get this back to being a place where I put fun things I find.

Also, I'm going to start putting fun recipes I try here. That's all, I just thought I'd let anyone know who's reading this that I'm no longer working for those companies. I'm just showing you stuff I find and like.



Jen said...

I'm excited for the recipes! What happened to BoSox Mommy?

Shane said...

Sounds like I found your blog at just the right time! Do you not recommend using blogsvertise or smorty? I've been thinking about blogging for pay.

Tanja said...

I'm with Shane, above. My husband keeps encouraging me to find a way to use blogging for pay. And I found a site, can't remember which one, and started through the process, but clicked out before I finalized it. I think because my blog has info about my family that I'm not sure I want "everyone" out there looking at it, although technically they can. And that also seems like it would have kept me from the Blog Party, but it didn't. Share some thoughts about it, please. And thanks for visiting my blog. I'm going to check out your other ones now.