Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wally World...a.k.a. Walmart

We went to Walmart yesterday. I feel like such a snob, we had to get our daughters' Easter dresses there because money is tight this month (thanks to the dentist, a crib and a car registration being due). I feel bad about it. I shouldn't, but I do. We didn't spend a ton while we were there, we even made it out of there without getting cheap glasses. Kenzie always wants a pair of cheap sunglasses. I can't believe we made it out of there without spending over $100...when does that ever happen? Last time it was over $400...yeah, yikes! But that's when we bought the crib and did our monthly grocery shopping and we bought Kenzie's Easter present (a dvd, a basket and a little candy).

I want to post a bunch of recipes so I have them on record so I don't lose them. I'll be posting those soon. I have to teach a youth group tonight at church, so it probably won't be tonight, but soon. :)


Jen said...

That's not being a snob at all! Man, I wish you had a Burlington Coat factory around (I'm assuming you don't since you drive so far just to get to Wal-mart). That's where I get Kya's dresses because they are the same ones (brand, style, cut, everything) you see at the expensive retailers and boutiques at a fraction, tiny fraction of the price. Last year I got one at Burlington for 20$ and went to my cousins farewell which was on Easter and my other cousin's daughter had on the same dress, which she paid 79$ for on sale!! I hope you found something cute though! I saw some really cute ones at Wally world actually and they were all under 20$. Awesome!