Sunday, March 23, 2008

Travel Insurance

We have a bunch of travel coming up over the next few months. I love to travel, but it stresses me out at the same time. I always worry about our house back home...will it be ok? Will someone know we're gone and break in? I worry about getting into an accident while we're traveling. Basically I just worry. Some stuff I can do something about. We'll have someone look after our house while we're gone, it helps that we're friends with a sheriff's deputy, he can check our house and scare anyone away. We'll just have to be careful while driving and pray that no one hits us. That's about all we can do there. But getting travel insurance probably couldn't hurt either. My brother-in-law sells insurance, I suppose we could check with him. Who knows? Right now I'm just worried about our car, we have a few things that need to be looked at and I can't handle the thought that we'll have to shell out more money we don't have to fix things. Sigh...will we ever get ahead?